Jack the Very Hungry Caterpillar Parents are embarrassing enough as 18-year-olds without having to show embarrassing photos of their children.
As it turns out, I am exactly this kind of parent. This month, I dressed my baby in a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume. I will admit that I crocheted it myself and had a lot of fun making it.
This is a lesson that you don’t know what you are going to do until you’re right there. How many times have you thought you knew how a project would turn out, only to find out that a stakeholder, a member or a member of your staff, did something completely different?
Here are some additional cross-over parenting/project management lessons from this month.
Reduce what you don’t need
I brought lots of stuff to the support group that I attended. I also took my handbag, blanket, fully loaded nappy bags, a book, and a rain cover for the pram. A cardigan and coat for me. After unloading all my kit, I took up two chairs so that no one could sit beside me.
The second time I went along, I put my keys and phone in a zip-up pocket, the baby was in a sling, and I threw a slimmed down nappy bag on my shoulder.
You can make more changes to your routine the more experience you have.
When I first started managing projects, I kept the PRINCE2 (r) manual on my desk. I referred to it often. I used all of the templates. I followed all the steps. Today, I don’t bother. It actually makes me a better manager. You can learn to reduce the amount of things you don’t need and spend more time on the most important.
Another caterpillar picture. We were fortunate that he slept through the entire photo shoot.
A project can’t be managed by one person. We have teams. Although many people can successfully raise children by themselves, it’s easier to have helpers.
We have received a lot of visitors and made new friends through NCT with other babies our age. I am open to receiving any help that I can.
Do the same for your projects. If someone offers to take minutes, say yes. Do everything you can. Find a mentor and a coach. If you are stuck, talk to your manager or project sponsor. We don’t know everything and we certainly can not do it all. Don’t be a hero, share the load.
Communication is essential
When it’s not, don’t ask “Is this a maternity shirt?” Mothers don’t need to be reminded that normal clothes can fit but may appear tighter than they actually are. Just like with projects, think about how you want your message to be received before you speak.
Keep your suggestions for project-management-in-parenting coming – I still have a lot to learn!