It shouldn’t surprise anyone who isn’t an IT professional that information security (or cybersecurity), is one of the most important aspects. Cybersecurity has never been so important, whether it’s the number of IT jobs available or the ways in which information security is used by government agencies and businesses.
We are confident that information security jobs will be in high demand after analyzing data on IT jobs throughout 2019. We have gathered detailed job descriptions from various networking sites, imported job postings from popular job boards, as well as scraped search results for IT jobs. Our interactive map of IT jobs across the country, State IT Jobs, is one of the best ways to view these findings.
Security in the digital age is highly sought after, regardless of what it’s called. Information security is a broad field with many facets and jobs. Our data shows that every job in the information security field was in high demand at the end of 2019, and will continue to be so for a long time.
Information security is a crucial aspect of the information technology industry. We can find information, experts, and job data on the field from the media.
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Because of the success of hackers and bad actors all over the globe, 2019 was a busy year for cybersecurity professionals. Six years ago, Target’s massive data breach was a common memory among information security professionals. This breach, which was only possible because login credentials were stolen by an HVAC company that provided services to Target, has been an example of how all other attacks should be compared over the years.
Many hackers have figured it out by 2019.
Nearly every news story has featured a report about user data being stolen from vulnerable systems. Quest Diagnostics patients discovered that more than 11 million instances of their patient data had been accessed illegally by an unauthorized user. This was one of the most notable examples of the year. This was possible because Quest had a partnership to help with debt collection agencies.
Another data breach was caused by a poorly configured Amazon cloud container. This configuration allowed access to the data for millions of Capital One credit card applicants. Capital One and Amazon had an egg on their faces. Millions of people’s personally identifiable information was also suddenly available to the highest bidder.
It wasn’t sensationalism and melodrama that kept information safety in the news. The theft Resource Center revealed that 500 million personal records were stolen in 2018. In 2019, however, that number soared to 7.9 Billion records being stolen or exposed. The world is becoming more vulnerable to digital attacks, which means that information security is essential and will continue to be vital.
Risk-Based Security’s IT researchers reported that digital breaches increased by 33.3 percent in 2019 over 2018, while the number exposed records more than doubled. These numbers are alarming, but it’s also concerning that cybersecurity jobs and demand didn’t increase in 2019!
IT professionals agree that information security is paramount
A harsh reality is dawning on IT professionals and analysts: The lack of cybersecurity professionals is being compounded by how complex each approach to digitizing company information. It is not just a matter of numbers. There must also be a concerted effort to manage the multiple.