The past, present, and future of project management

The past, present, and future of project management Project management has been around for decades. It will continue to be a popular skill. It has made many positive changes in businesses around the world and is constantly being updated to reflect the latest management trends. The journey of project management has been influenced by technological advancements and global business situations. […]

Breakfast at the Parisian project manager

After my somewhat dismissive comments about recognition breakfasts on [email protected] for project managers (no longer available), it was interesting to look at what breakfast options are available to busy PMs. In case anyone near me feels like putting on a recognition breakfast to celebrate International Project Management Day, it is a bit late. Time-in the-morning breakfast Smoothie inspired by the […]

The Parent Project: Month 6

I’m returning to work. It’s my first day at work and I meet a neighbor as I leave the house. We talk about the weather in a very British way. He says, “Isn’t this sun great?” It’s like going on holiday. It would be great to have this experience all the time. I think of the nursery thermometer that glows […]

The Parent Project: Month 4

Tiny hands. Jack was asleep when I took his handprint. It was the best time, and it was also easier to clean up. 15 weeks in and we have started to get more sleep in the Otobos household. As with any new endeavor, we are also getting better at it. We are, at least, I think so. We’ve been able […]

The Parent Project: Month 3

Jack the Very Hungry Caterpillar Parents are embarrassing enough as 18-year-olds without having to show embarrassing photos of their children. As it turns out, I am exactly this kind of parent. This month, I dressed my baby in a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume. I will admit that I crocheted it myself and had a lot of fun making it. This […]

How to Pass the Palo Alto PCNSE Exam

The highly sought-after certification of Palo Alto Networks’ Certified Network Security Engineer is PCNSE. It certifies that candidates are able to design, install and configure security systems for Palo Alto Networks. Security engineers, pre-sales engineers, and system integrators typically hold or seek the credential. The PCNSE is beneficial for anyone who works with Palo Alto firewalls. This post will discuss […]

How to move from Azure DevOps into GitHub Actions

Azure DevOps is one of the most widely used CICD solutions in DevOps. It’s even very popular outside of the Microsoft realm. Many organizations use AWS and Azure DevOps to manage their CICD solutions. It’s fast, robust and fully hosted for you. This means that you don’t need to worry about platform management and infrastructure overhead. Microsoft purchased GitHub in […]

How to Manage EC2 Cases from the CLI

It’s not practical to have your own servers nowadays unless there is a compelling reason. Cloud computing vendors offer a lot with their products. Cloud computing can offer lower costs than buying and managing physical servers. It makes sense to run virtualized servers using AWS’s EC2 platform. EC2 becomes even more powerful when you can autonomously deploy and remove your […]

Azure: How to Manage Business Data

Dark data is data that has been accumulated by organizations over a long time. Most companies didn’t have the necessary computer systems to process all of this data at the time they captured it. Data was therefore stored away until computers could process it, even though it was unstructured or asymmetric. Cloud computing providers such as Microsoft Azure can now […]

How to Kill Zombie Projects

Project managers learn one of the most important things on training courses: a project has a beginning, middle, and end. Unfortunately, you will come across projects outside of the classroom that don’t work as planned. What is a “Zombie Project”? How to spot a dead project A case study on how to kill zombie projects How to finish that zombie […]