Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant is for individuals with experience in configuring Marketing Cloud solutions. Candidates can prove their knowledge and experience in the configuration and administration of Marketing Cloud by passing the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator exam.
This blog was created to assist candidates in evaluating their readiness to pass the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Specialist exam. This blog contains all the relevant information about the exam, recommended training, documentation, and the complete list of exam objectives. All of this is done with the goal of helping candidates get a passing score. Salesforce recommends that you combine on-the-job experience with self-study to increase your chances of passing the exam and becoming certified.
About the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist program
Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants are able to meet customer business needs that are scalable, maintainable, and contribute to customer success over the long-term. He/She is familiar with Marketing Cloud tools for executing strategic and tactical email campaigns. The consultant is able to create email marketing campaigns and incorporate different tools such segmentation, tracking, automation, and analytics to make data-driven decisions to optimize customer email campaigns. Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultants are also able to troubleshoot platform issues.
Who is eligible to take the certification exam?
This certification exam targets Salesforce partners and consultants who have mastered Marketing Cloud implementation. They will demonstrate design best practices, execute campaigns deployments, and create custom solutions for customers. Candidates should have a broad understanding of Salesforce customization, managing users, and looking for new ways to maximize its capabilities and features.
Exam Pre-requisites
Before you start your preparations for the exam, it is important to know if there are any prerequisites. This is essentially a condition that must be met before you can move on to the next step.
SalesforceCertified Marketing Cloud Consultants typically have six months or more of implementation experience, and/or five projects with hands-on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions architect or similar experience implementing Marketing Cloud and related tools.
Details about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist exam
Let’s quickly get into the details of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist exam.
Number of Questions60Exam Duration105 MinutesExam FormatMultiple-Choice/Multiple-Select questions, up to 5 unscored questions*Pre-requisiteSalesforce CertifiedMarketing Cloud AdministratorPassing Score67%Exam Registration FeeUS$200*Please note that as of November 16, 2017, some Salesforce certification exams may contain up to five additional, randomly placed, unscored questions to gather data on question performance. Each exam’s length has been adjusted to include the unscored questions. These five questions will be added to the 60 questions that you have scored on your exam. They will not affect your score.
For more information, you can refer to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultor online tutorial.
How do I register for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Specialist exam?
Follow these steps to register for the Salesforce certification exam.
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