Improve your Workflow Process to Increase Productivity

It seems like we all waste time at work. Can we change this behavior and adopt more productive practices? Any company that wants to do more with less can benefit from the power of workflow. It is more focused on the day-to-day work so employees can spend less time managing work progress or giving their best to individual tasks. Businesses […]

Improved Attachment Navigation

A good app must have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is the direct link between the design intent of the creator(s) of the app and the users. To do this, users had to click on an attached file, then close it. Then, they would open another one, then close it again. This impeded the natural flow of users and […]

Project Management: Imposter Syndrome

Did you ever think you were a fraud? Or that you don’t know what you’re doing. Even if you have all the knowledge and experience required, you fear that others will notice you are not there. This is a very common phenomenon. There are many people who have been in your exact same situation as you. This is not something […]

Implementing Agile in an Organisation

Your chances of success can be significantly increased by incorporating agile into your project management. Many companies and organizations fail to implement agile project management because they lack the leadership and knowledge. To ensure that your agile implementation is successful, you need to prepare and analyze certain areas of your business. Agile Transformation is a way to learn from your […]

Identifying key players

The task of identifying key employees in your company is too important for HR (if you have it). You should be focusing on keeping top talent as a small/medium-sized business owner. You should be focusing on keeping your top talent as they are the reason you’re in business. You must first identify and reward your top talent. Then, prepare yourself […]

Roadmap to Success: CCNA Collaboration

Roadmap to Success is a series that helps learners understand certification pathways, career options associated with them, and the next steps beyond certification. UPDATED: This post was updated on July 12, 2016, to reflect the latest changes to Cisco CCNA Collaboration certification curriculum. Cisco Certified Network Associate Collaboration certification (CCNA Collaboration), is a combination of voice, video, and networking skills. […]

Report: Security Demand is High and Steady

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who isn’t an IT professional that information security (or cybersecurity), is one of the most important aspects. Cybersecurity has never been so important, whether it’s the number of IT jobs available or the ways in which information security is used by government agencies and businesses. We are confident that information security jobs will be in high […]

Smackdown of Real-time Chat Tools: Microsoft Teams vs. The World

Imagine if chat apps and real-time wrestling matches could be held. The solution with the best bang for your buck would win. Instead of spending hours researching every tool on the market, you, as the system administrator, could just wait for a winner and make your recommendation. Unfortunately, such a battle won’t help you decide if a piece software meets […]

Python 3 Strings and Lists, as well as Dictionaries

Ben Finkel, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge network administrator’s needs to create, access, and navigate Python’s three storage methods: lists, tuples, and dictionaries. This new Programming and Developer training is available. This Python3: Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries training is a small part of understanding the entire Python programming language. It will teach you about the various ways Python stores variables. […]