After my somewhat dismissive comments about recognition breakfasts on [email protected] for project managers (no longer available), it was interesting to look at what breakfast options are available to busy PMs. In case anyone near me feels like putting on a recognition breakfast to celebrate International Project Management Day, it is a bit late.
Time-in the-morning breakfast
Smoothie inspired by the Breakfast smoothie at Naked: Blend a banana, soyamilk and a handful oats. It is difficult to clean if the blender is left on. There is no need to make a separate drink.
Oops-meeting-in-30-minutes breakfast
Croissant aux amandes, preferably from Le Pain au Naturel, but most boulangeries do a good job of croissants. Toast, on colder days. This orange and chocolate bread looks delicious. The bakery is easily accessible from the office, so you can make a quick detour. Although Paris doesn’t do a lot of take-away coffee, the supermarkets sell small airline tubs of milk-related products which don’t taste bad in a cup of tea.
Michel & Augustin’s Vache a boire is a healthier option. It’s yoghurt in a jar. Augustin, the red-haired one, was my encounter. I met the red-haired one (Augustin?) on the street and they are passionate about their product. I am still a little puzzled by all the information about the kangaroos and banana trees.
Sunday breakfast at Deluxe-Super
A cafe near rue du Renard has a spaghetti measuring scale as a door handle. They offer a great Sunday brunch. I have been there while they were serving (it’s an all you can eat affair), but I have not eaten. Isn’t that strange? Petite Anglaise also offers a great brunch idea. These are the places I would go if I wasn’t at work on Sunday mornings. No, honestly!