Your Ultimate Guide to Leadership in Project Management

(This post contains affiliate hyperlinks. Please read my full disclosure. Leadership in project management What’s the difference between project manager and project leader? Leadership skills in project management1. Visionary skills 2. Building relationships 3. Communication skills 4. Critical Thinking 5. Your values Leadership styles in project management Tailoring your leadership style How can I improve my leadership skills and be […]

Your Strategy Planning Meeting Agenda (with Template).

You’ve been asked to put together a strategy planning agenda. You might be wondering what other people do during their strategic planning sessions. I have been there! This article will explain what a strategic planning meeting should cover and provide a sample agenda that you can use to plan your sessions. What should a strategic planning meeting look like? When […]

Your Router is probably a Zombie in the Botnet

Your office is protected with enterprise-grade security. What about at home? Despite your best efforts to keep things under control, the truth is that you probably don’t. It’s not your fault. Most routers are not secure out of the box. Vulnerable firmware is a common target. Backdoors have been found in almost every router brand. Make matters worse by thinking […]

Xebrio Software Review

Xebrio combines requirements management with end-to-end traceability, task management, test coverage, and release management. It is a project management system that is ideal for technology-led teams. It has a simple interface and workflows with a low learning curve. The ideal choice for your team if you’re currently trying to manage requirements and test cases using spreadsheets is thenXebrio. Continue reading! […]