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Leadership in project management
What’s the difference between project manager and project leader?
Leadership skills in project management1. Visionary skills
2. Building relationships
3. Communication skills
4. Critical Thinking
5. Your values

Leadership styles in project management
Tailoring your leadership style
How can I improve my leadership skills and be a better project manager?

Are you a good leader when it comes working with your project team?
Are you a project manager or project leader?
You might have been asked to help with a project that is in dire need of your leadership. ).
Maybe you’re in the middle of a project and things are getting off track. You know you have to guide everyone back on track. But how do you do that?
Perhaps you’ve admired the great leaders you’ve worked with and wondered if you have what it takes. You do, surprise! ).
You know how important it can be to lead on any project. But how do you become a great leader in this world?
How can you develop the confidence and skills to lead as a project manager?
Leadership in project management
It is fair to say that projects with strong leaders are more likely to succeed than those without.
Leadership is an important and valuable part of any project management role, regardless of your level.
PMI defines leadership to be:
“Knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are specific to leadership-oriented, cross-cutting activities that aid an organization in achieving its business goals.”
Leadership is of paramount importance. Leadership is an important aspect of team performance according to the PMBOK(r). While there are many aspects to being a team player, leadership skills are a major part of what makes the best project managers.
Leadership is one of the traits that will determine whether you are among the top 2% project managers (the “alphas”), so if leadership is something you desire to improve upon, it’s definitely something you should work on.
One-third of the PMI Talent Triangle is made up of leadership skills. PMI certification holders will need to earn PDU’s. You can do this through professional development, such as this Leadership PDU package.
No matter what project you’re working on or your role as project leader, one constant will remain – people.
What’s the difference between project manager and project leader?
It is not easy to manage a project while also leading one. A balance of both is crucial for a successful project manager.
Managers do the right thing. Leaders do the right things.
You can just re-read the line.
Your management skills will be required to solve operational problems, focus on the bottom line, and ensure that systems and structures are in place for things happen.
Your leadership skills, ability to question what and why, as well as your ability to see the long-term, will be essential for the project team.
Below is a picture that shows the main differences between leadership and management. It can be summarized as follows:
Management is not about tasks. Leadership is about people.
Leadership skills in project management
As a project leader, there are many people skills that you will need. Most of these skills are already familiar to you.
You can develop your leadership skills by being able to recognize them through past experiences.
Keeping these skills in mind can help you to keep them in your mind. Here are four areas of leadership skills you should focus on.
1. Visionary skills
Your project exists for reasons. You must be able to clearly articulate your vision and the common goal that you are trying to achieve. Encourage others to be optimistic