You’ve been asked to put together a strategy planning agenda. You might be wondering what other people do during their strategic planning sessions. I have been there!
This article will explain what a strategic planning meeting should cover and provide a sample agenda that you can use to plan your sessions.

What should a strategic planning meeting look like?
When are strategic meetings held?
Template for a strategy planning meeting agenda.
10am: Big picture strategy
10.30am: Coffee break
10.45am: Progress review
Alternative session: Where do you want to go?
12.45pm: Lunch break
1.30pm Key Issues
2.30pm: Revise plans
3.30pm Action planning
4.30pm – Any Other Business
5pm: Wrap up, close

The strategy agenda should be tailored
5 Tips for a Strategy Planning Workshop The objective
2. Let people know what’s going to happen
3. Prepare for conflict
4. Get ready to get off the script
5. Define success

Next steps

Strategy planning is not something that happens by itself. It is impossible to put people together and expect them to come up with a 3-year plan. To keep the conversation moving and ensure that the meeting runs smoothly, the agenda is essential. As part of your pre-meeting preparation, the agenda is essential.
What should a strategic planning meeting look like?
A meeting of strategic planning should include:
An assessment of organizational goals
A review of your performance against these objectives
To better align activity with objectives, decisions must be made about what should be sped-up, slowed-down, started or stopped.

When you think about the purpose of a strategy discussion it is to either define the strategy, or to decide if the strategy is being implemented. These points will guide what you should include in the meeting.
What do you want from your strategic planning process? Is it a new strategy plan? A review of the previous one to see if anything has changed. A review with some “light editing” to ensure that decisions are being made that will keep you on track to reach your goals.
The strategic planning cycle will determine where you are at the moment and what goes in your meeting.
When are strategic meetings held?
There is no set time for strategy conversations. Some businesses hold quarterly meetings. Some businesses might plan a lot during the existing board meeting structure. You can choose the frequency of meetings you want, as long as you allow for strategic thinking.
I recommend having quarterly review sessions with a longer goal setting session once a year. But you can do what works for your needs. You will need to spend more time if you are creating your first strategy or a complete overhaul.
A whole bunch of templates for meetings. Sample strategy planning meeting agenda template
Strategy meetings can be very long. For your planning, you might set aside a day or two. It’s better to plan in person than remotely. However, you can do what works for you and your team.
If the workshop must be held remotely with participants dialling in, ensure you schedule enough screen breaks.
An agenda is essential for any meeting to be effective. The great thing about strategic sessions, however, is that you can customize the agenda to address the topics that are most relevant to you at any point in the planning cycle. This agenda is suitable for a strategic review meeting.
9.30 am
This time can be used for introductions. If your attendees don’t find it cheesy, you can do an icebreaker exercise. Make it clear that this is a strategic meeting and not to get distracted by the details. Discuss possible ways to work together, e.g. no using mobile phone