To keep track of prospects and clients, sales professionals use customer relationship management software (CRM). It organizes client information, sends reminders, automates emails, facilitates team communication and generates reports.
CRMs can be very versatile, something that not many project managers are aware of. The platform’s powerful features will help you keep track of your projects, teams, stakeholders, and other stakeholders so that you can achieve project success. These are some of the many ways CRM software can assist you in project management.
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Task Management
One thing projects and sales share is that they are extremely action-oriented. Maintaining relationships requires many actions: reaching out, following-up, updating, closing, and closing.
Projects are about taking strategic actions day in and day out. It’s not surprising that CRMs include task management functions. They enable you to assign tasks to people. This increases accountability and helps sales teams or project teams complete their tasks.
Important Reminders
Ideal worlds would allow all team members to focus on the task at hand and be aware of any deadlines and milestones. In reality, however, most people lack the mental bandwidth to do so. Everything else becomes background noise when you are focused on a single task.
When you are working on mentally exhausting tasks, it is a great idea to block out any information that you don’t need right now. As a project manager, it is your responsibility to remind and communicate with your team.
CRM software can be used to set reminders to remind your team about upcoming submissions. These can be automated to ensure everyone is aware of the priorities of the team without you having to harass them.
Data Storage and Organization
CRM is essential for sales teams because it ensures that all customer information is stored and organized.
This feature can also be useful in project management. You can use a CRM’s organization and data storage features to maximize your progress and record decisions, findings, and changes. You and your team will be able to recall and evaluate the progress of your project.
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Automatic Updates and Notifications
Sales teams can maximize CRM software by organizing customer journeys and assigning people to each stage. This facilitates coordination between stakeholders and provides a cohesive experience for customers who have regular turnovers.
This feature can be used to notify clients and team members when a task falls within their responsibility.
Encourage Collaboration
Salesforce CRM software has features such as “Chatter” which allows team members to post messages and others can reply. This is a great way to encourage collaboration and discuss important issues.
As an announcement board, you can also use message boards. It’s a great way to keep your teams updated with non-urgent reminders.
Monitor Performance and Progress
The dashboard is one of the most important features of CRM tools for project managers. You’ll be able to see everything happening in your project at a glance: completion rate, expenses, team productivity, hours, and more.
Your dashboard can be used to identify inefficiencies and opportunities to improve process efficiency if you are using CRM software to track your project. It helps you spot potential problems before they occur so you can request assistance.